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801 T

Double hollow ground. Hollow grinding imparts more grinding power without increasing cutting pressure. Producing a smoother feeling cutting experience.
Hollow Ground, Micro Honed, Polished, Assembled and Finished in the USA.
Made of Molybdenum/Vanadium 440C Stainless Steele 57+ or -1 Rockwell-C Hardness.
Handles are 20% larger than the 700 and 966 Series Shears. Ring sizers included.
Precision Oiler and Anvil's Lubricant impregnated wiping cloth included.
Overall length 8 3/4" Finger rest included, Cutting length 4 1/4".
TENSION PROPORTIONING SYSTEM - ANVIL TPS. utilizes a bearing system under the screw head and a conical washer under the clicker plate. The conical washer must compress to lose its spring tension. The shear's tension setting is now locked into place until readjusted.
Zippered Case, Oiler, and Wiping Cloth included
Over length (Finger Rest Included) 8 3/4, with out finger rest 8 1/4.

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